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    Question Full day vs. before/after school program

    What are some of your thoughts on full day daycare programs and before/after school programs? Pros and cons?

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    I don't live near a school so will never have that option. However, I would not want to bundle up 5 children and get them out the door for a school run twice a day the way I know so many of you do, especially through the snow. I do not even offer half days any more, just a full day option.

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    Depends on what you are wanting to offer - how much revenue you eed to be visble ...if you are working out of your home and limited to the ratios of home setting in your province than full day care is often more cause you can only have x kids and before and after count same as a full day and you can charge more for a full day unless you only want a part time income of working a few hours a day with your day free?

    Also if you were to open a licensed before and after school setting in a church near a school for example the ratio of this age group is often much higher is therefore more profitable and you only have to work a few hours morning and afternoon ...days free for other things if desired ?

    Pros and cons will very based on your point of view-for example I do not care for the school age age group so that is a huge con for me while others love thier independence and tenacity
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