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    I want to spit nails!

    I have a neighbor who is a vegetarian and all of a sudden won't let her DH play at my house with my DH after school due to the fact that I sent chocolate granola bars and juice boxes from concentrate a few Saturdays ago for the kids as a snack.

    My Dh came home saying she was angry I sent that! She told them they were not allowed to eat or drink any of it.

    My DH gets this sort of thing as a treat once and a while and she only drinks extremely watered down juice. Why should I have to explain myself L?

    My Dh had a B-day party on the weekend and this mother acted devastated that I would let the kids play balloon relay. Every time her DH sat on her balloon she looked like it was scaring her for life. Meanwhile the day before she was pooping balloons off like a pro without Mom there!

    We served root beer floats and she made a rude comment saying we don’t serve pop at home only water and milk. It’s was a freaking B-day party!

    She has made me feel like a good for nothing Mother and my DH is devastated that her friend can’t come over to play.

    Seriously do I have the plague?

    Nutrition is sooo important to me and I feel so mad.

    She sent her DH to daycare just for a PA day and all she came with was baked beans in tomato sauce, fruit bar, yogurt and applesauce for the whole day. Her poor child was starving. How is that enough food for a 6 year old!

    Ladies please throw me a bone!
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    She sounds kind of like my sister-in-law who sticks you with sarcastic barbs every other sentence. Why do some people have to put other people down to feel superior? It's just sad. But it is THEIR problem, not yours. Rise above and know that you are a good person and a good mother and don't let the petty people bring you down to their level. It's really difficult to put things like this out of your mind when you are a good person because you don't understand cruel people. Been there done that! The harsh words repeat over and over in your brain and it's hard to get them out. But don't second guess yourself, just do what you know is right. Ok, end of sermon.

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    Skysue.....this lady is a wacko and you don't need her crap in your life! Treats are made for special occasions like birthday parties, that's why they are so fun!! The sad part is that your little one doesn't understand why the friend can't play and it's very hard to explain things that don't make any sense! Plus the poor little friend won't understand why she can't play either or why no one wants to go to her birthday party to drink water, eat tofu and watch grass grow, ha ha! I know it is very frustrating and hurtful but it is her problem she feels the need to put you down to feel like a good Mom.

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    I agree, don't second guess yourself! If she really had a problem with it, she could have been more mature about how she handled it. Sounds like she is just one of those people who like to focus on the negative.
    The tough part is explaining to your little one about why her friend can't come over

    I myself, would go up to the Mom and ask her if you've done something to upset her ~ mentioning the snacks and let her know that snack time will be avoided if it is a problem as it shouldn't be something the kids should stop playing over. ....see what she says.

    You have no need to explain yourself for what you give your kids and yes..it was a party!!!

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    I don't get "these" mom's out there..I have friends who still BF their 3yrs old, another doesn't believe in outside play in the winter "they'll get sick" and another who had her child potty trained by 8mos and now at almost 2yrs old attends pre-school 5 days a week while she's at home.

    Do I agree with their choices? NO! Does that mean our kids can't play together? NO!
    Child A - you eat your food Child B - you eat yours it's THAT simple! What does what they eat or do at home have to do with the children having fun together?

    Unless they are hitting my child or teaching 'bad' things AND I've talked to the parent about it AND it didn't change......I would not stop them from enjoying their time together!

    Is she going to homeschool her child too? Because in case she didn't notice I bet 85% of her daughters class mates aren't eating anything healthy....in class....with her....all day....((sigh))

    Shes a twit :P
    Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Kids Back!!

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    Oh hun . . . . It's so sad that your kid has lost a friend to something so petty. Just remember that if this woman had any common sense she wouldn't break the hearts of two 6 year olds over a granola bar.

    I'd be having a word with her. . . . and I definitely wouldn't be using my 'daycare voice.' She needs to know that you don't give two 'sh***' what she thinks of your 'nutritional values' but you do give a crap about how she's made the children feel.

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    Good lord - personally I would not want the stress of dealing with someone like that in my life I am not sure how to explain that to wee ones to be honest cause I always like to promote tolerance and acceptance and well it sounds like THAT WOMEN would make it hard not to say something 'intolerant' to my kid like 'I know you really like X however her mommy shares different values on somethings than we do and while WE are ok with them doing things different than us - apparently X's mommy is not and expects us to do things 'her way or no way' Mommy loves you but does not want to be bullied by her cause bullies are MEAN! Breaks my heart that this makes you sad however I hope you understand why mommy needs to stand up to a bully who tries to change who people are or what they believe in order to be your friend - we are awesome people just the way we are and if her mommy does not like that it is her loss"

    Sorry you are going through this but people like that who are intolerant to other peoples believes just make me sick ... there are LOTS of things I choose to do or not do in my home and life however I respect that my friends may have differing practices and as long as it does not negatively impact the relationship you can be tolerant of those differences ... seriously I am a food snob too with organic and minimal sugar for kids and so forth however in 'social settings' I tend to take a step back and realize that everything in moderation is COOL ... I serve my daycare kids 'cupcakes' on their birthdays and other 'cultural treats' around occasions cause well kids need to learn 'moderation' to if you NEVER serve sweets to them the minute THEY HAVE CONTROL you can bet they are going to over indulge
    Children construct their own intelligence. The adult must provide activities and context, but most of all must be able to listen. Children need proof that adults believe in them. Their three great desires are to be listened to, to understand, and to demonstrate that they are exactly what we expect."
    Loris Malaguzzi

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    What's wrong with a juice box and a granola bar? Wow. Sorry your daughter lost a friend. This mother is a whack job, and she'll figure out sooner rather than later that she can't keep her precious little snowflake in a bubble for much longer.

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    I wonder if this mom is making those choices because she really feels like they're right, or because it makes her feel good to say she's "different". C'mon we've all met those moms, right?
    "I breastfed Johnny until he was 4.... (so clearly I am a better mother than you)" or "Really, you use regular pasta noodles? I ONLY use whole-grain-organic-ethically-farmed-gently-harvested-air-noodles. They're SO much better for you.... (and I am SO much better THAN you)"
    It's one thing to do it because it's the right choice for you and your family. It's another completely to alienate everyone around her (and now her daughter, so sad) in order to, essentially, prove a point.
    I hope she realizes that if she grows up attempting to make all her children's decisions for them, one day it will bite her in the backside. The best we can do as parents is teach them what we hope they will choose, and then let the birdies fly!!
    *sigh* Hope your daughter is able to play with her friend again, sometime soon!

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