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    New Home Daycare


    I am a new home daycare provider and I am also new to the city of Regina. I was wondering what would be the best way to connect to parents and families in the area that might be looking for childcare. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario and I love working with children. If anyone can give me some advice or know of anyone please let me know. Thanks!


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    Your ad is informative and complete so I don't think there is any problem there. Once you get going a website is imperative and really sells parents when they can see children learning and playing in action at your daycare. Otherwise, just keep advertising and interviewing and check back on the threads here to read all the good advice we give all the time about where to advertise. The first year is always difficult. Good luck and welcome to the forum. You can learn lots and lots here!

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    I have had most of my responses come from kijiji. Have you got an ad up there yet?

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    I've gotten all my clients so far from Kijiji. I had posted an ad at a grocery store too but never got any responses, but you could always try that too....information boards at schools, libraries, churches, community centres are always an option too.

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    Uggg - I hate kijiji but have to agree that most of my clients who were not 'referrals' from current clients found me through there ... I promote the Daycarebear and my local network on my business website trying to spread the word of THIS option because I like that it sorts us by postal code from closest to their need to furthest away - i get so many inquiries from Kijiji that are NOT in close proximity

    Does Regina have 'community resource programs' for parents ... in Ontario we have Ontario Early Years Centres where new parents go for Well Baby clinics and Breastfeeding clinics and playgroups and workshops other government resources for parents under 6 and a great place to advertize as they often have home childcare binders and so forth.
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    Another site a use some is usedottawa and I know they have similar sites in other cities. It think the website itself is usedeverywhere.com but if nothing else if you go to the ottawa site which I do know the link for you can look at the very bottom and change location to what is nearest you. www.usedottawa.com

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    Hi, I am wondering if giving business card or make a simple advertisement and give to parents anywhere like, in the mall, on the street where your day care located this might help
    Finding client.

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    Hi, you could connect to local people and parents of little children through local listing sites. There are a number of US based local listing sites where you can register and login to- people often search for any service they need in or outside their locality.

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