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    apples and bananas

    Stomach bug for 8 days???

    For those of you that have been following my posts about the little one I gave notice to, I need some advise.

    I gave notice to the client the Thursday before Easter. I briefly explained at the door and told her I'd be available that evening and all weekend if she had any questions, call me.

    She sent an email to me that evening telling me she was shocked and asked me to contact her at my earliest convenience. Yes, she send me an email to ask me to call her. So, I called her within 9 min of recieving the email. She didn't answer, I left a detailed message explaining I'm happy to talk, please call me anytime this weekend. She never called.

    I was supposed to have her on Tuesday. She text me Mon night and said the child had a "gastro bug" and was not sure if she would be here as early as expected. I advised her to not bring her until she is diarhea and vomit free for 24 hours. She responded that she would keep her home.

    i was scheduled to have her again yesturday. I recieved a text Thursday night saying she was still ill and would not be in.

    So, I have 2 issues. My first is that she has apparently had a "tummy bug" for over 8 days. Would you ask for a dr note to admit her back into care at that point? would you ask any questions? how do i approach that and not sound like I'm trying to scare them off.

    My second issue is, what if she's nto coming back at all? Which is ok, I prepared myself for that so I am covered. However, I hate that it's open like this. I'm a person who needs closure.

    I feel like I should be addressing the issue some how but I'm not sure how or why. I just don't feel like I should be letting it go. UGH!

    Any thoughts? Am I just being impatient? Should I let it run it's course?

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    With the flu - there is something nasty going around - I had a client child who started the Wednesday before Easter and was still off on the Tuesday with it ... she finally stopped puking Tuesday afternoon mom kept her home to Friday to be safe but poor kid still not 100%

    I would not require a Dr note to return since they'd been keeping home this long I would trust she is better if they are ready to send back.

    When are they suppose to be done and have you had a chance to discuss the termination with them? Maybe they've decided just not to return with her having had the flu - although a confirmation of that would be polite I would not push it and just go on about my days and refill the space based on the last day you gae them.
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    I would assume that she is not coming back....I can see how they might be uncomfortable bringing their child back when you have given them notice that it is not working. Also if she was Sick for long what is the point in brining her back..... How many days are left before the end date you gave them? We don't always get the reactions we want from clients , you' ll just have to accept it, let it go and move on....good luck witha fresh start with a new client.

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    I agree with ECE - it sounds like they are not coming back.

    The fact that you said that she hasn't returned your call or even discussed the notice sounds like she is now uncomfortable to talk to you or doesn't want to do it.

    I would half guess that the stomach bug is just a way to get out of bringing her to daycare and that the mom may just not feel comfortable in bringing her back. She may just be using the stomach bug as a polite non way of stalling/avoiding you and the awkward situation

    How long is the notice period?

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    apples and bananas
    I gave her a months notice. Because of her long hours... 7am - 7pm, I knew she'd need some time to find something else. She's supposed to be here another 2 days this coming week and 4 the week after. Quite honestly, I gave notice at the point where I was ok with her not coming back so I'm not relying on the income. I just hate not knowing. lol I'm just impatient. That's all. Looking forward to the end of the month when I can send the email asking what she'd like me to do with her childs stuff that's been left here.

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