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    3 Identical Narrow Car Seats....

    Hi all,

    Just a quick note for any of you daycare providers in Peel/Halton/Mississauga/Brampton area.....I have three identical narrow car seats for sale. Radian Sunshine Kids Premier 65. Email me at gregandlori@rogers.c om if you are interested. Thanks!! Lori

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    I am not in your area but would give the Sunshine Radian car seats a ringing approval - I have 4 and love mine .... the only seats on the market that have the stainless steel base and a 10 year expiry date - worth the investment for sure!

    As a car seat installation technician I just wanted to share an FYI to those buying or selling a used car seat - the laws for this changed in January 2012.... here are a couple of links to the new rules and the sellers and buyers obligations under them.



    Also for those buying 'used' car seats for the purpose of business - remember to double check with your insurance carrier if this could affect your insurance policy in the event of an accident ... when buying used in addition to making sure it is not 'expired' the other risk is has it been in an accident, installed and used correctly during its time in a vehicle and so forth ... improper installation can pose wear and tear on the belts and so forth not 'intended'. With a second had seat you cannot guarantee to your insurance carrier that that seat has never been in a collision, was used correctly during its time of previous owner and so forth so therefore will 'perform' as initially designed in an accident ... my broker is awesome and came right out and told me - buy new to avoid 'issues' later on ... IME insurance carriers will look for any reason to 'void' policies when the time comes to actually need them due in an accident
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    I am also not in your area, but second what Reggio said about teh Sunshine kids carseats...I have three and they are great! Plus, they were the only thing that fits three in a row in the back of my minivan I wouldn't buy used for the same reasons Reggio said...but if you have someone you know and trust to tell you if they have been in an accident, then it would be okay.

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    I actually posted an ad on kijiji in my area looking for those seats. I have one of my own and love it. I was looking for two more that I could put in the back of my mini van. I had someone reply to my ad saying that it was now illegal to buy or sell the sunshine kids seats because of the new laws. I haven't actually looked on the website for specific details but was told that because the company was renamed (diono) to be careful??? Not sure if this is true but just wanted to let you know what I heard.

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    Car seats are sold....

    Thanks for all the replies, but the car seats are now sold....and all accident free. Thanks for your inquiries. Lori

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