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    I'll be sure to check out pinterest. never looked at the site before but everyone is raving about it

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    I missed this somehow...
    Congrats, first of all.
    We did a very low key wedding, and our friends are still raving about how much fun it was.
    The one thing that is a good splurge is a photographer. I wish we had a better one, but what do you do. We had the meal catered, but made all the desserts for the dessert bar ourselves. My mom and I had a marathon baking day, and the mom-in-law pitched in too. CostCo has really good prices on trays of meat, cheese, desserts, etc.
    My dress was fairly inexpensive and we rented the guys suits. We had our wedding and the reception in the same place, and it was a little town hall in a TINY town right by ours. I think we paid $300 for the whole rental? If you can, get family and friends to do as much as possible. Think: bartenders, servers, dj, and so on.
    And you can absolutely make the bouquets and stuff yourself. Watch for those 40% off coupons for Michaels and go nuts!!
    Have fun!!!

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    I don't know where you live but a beach wedding is cheaper and so gorgeous. My youngest daughter is getting married next year and she and her boyfriend are eloping to Jamaica to a Sandal's resort so they get their wedding and honeymoon all in one package. Otherwise, they figured they wouldn't have a honeymoon for years.

    My oldest daughter was married in a pretty ceremony, then we had a dinner at a great restaurant and it was small, but we all paid for our own dinners. I had a cake and made finger foods in the afternoon at my house between the ceremony and the dinner. If you want to save money it just takes imagination and creativity.


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    Having a wedding party is always great... Maybe establishing some kind of a special event where you could bring some friends and relatives? There are great sheffield bands for hire, recommend them a lot. They played very professionaly at my wedding.

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    Thanks for the links!
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