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    Help with wording of pets in the home

    hi everyone!
    I am new here and opening a home daycare come June. I do have a large dog but i have already determined that I will not allow him alone with the kids. How would you word this in your contract or on a waiver?
    this is what I have but i mostly just feel like it sucks lol

    The child(ren) will never be unsupervised around our dog


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    I would say that you have a dog friendly home, but the children will not be around the dog without close supervision.

    I would be willing to show that he is good with kids and current on his shots.

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    I have in my ad that we are pet friendly .... But I don't have it in my contract anywhere. Our dog is always present during interviews so families can see how friendly he is.

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    I also have that we are a pet friendly home ( we have a 95lbs dog and bird) and I don't have it in my contract either. Like Crayola kiddies, our dog is part of the interview as she have to see him and how he interacts with my kids and their's.
    I also have quite a few pics of him on our website too. He's our mascott!!

    Some have told me not to put that we have pets as it deters people from contacting us but I had an interview once where I didn't tell them that I had our dog and the father had a bad experience with dogs and even if he got to know our dog, it wouldn't have worked for them as his experience has carried with him and he is extra cautious with his little one. I feel honesty and upfront is the way to go- I don't say 95lbs Golden retriever but it's mentioned before interview so I don't suprise them.

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    I have a note in my ad and on my website that we have a friendly cat around here who stays out of the way most of the day. I check with people at the phone or emailing stage if anyone in the family has cat allergies (but they still show up and say, oh yes, Daddy has an allergy, doh) When people arrive for an interview my cat is right there to check everybody out then she's gone again so they can see I've told them the truth. I don't have anything about her in my contract. I vacuum and dust every morning in the toyroom to make sure the cat hair is cleaned up before the children arrive.

    Honestly, I'm afraid of big dogs and probably would not bring my child to your daycare, so sorry! But, there are many people who do love big dogs and probably wouldn't think twice about it. You will attract the families who are a good match for you.

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    I have 2 med size dogs that are never around the kids if they are uncomfortable with them. I never advertise it, but I let people meet them in an interview and let them know that if their child isn't comfortable, the dogs are locked away during daycare hours. They come out with me during quiet time and that's it.

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    Thanks so much ladies I appreciate it!
    I don't blame anyone if they don't want their little one around him. He is a pit cross but is great with kids. My biggest problem is when people first come in he is very jumpy and excited but I have found that a bunch of pennies in a can "scares" him so i have been using that to try to calm him. I think I will stick to keeping him in our bedroom during drop off and pick up.

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