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    Arts & crafts supplies

    Hello everyone!

    Where do you get your arts & crafts supplies? Do you go to a specific store for all your needs, shop around, or try to reuse / recycle existing supplies as much as possible?

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    I find that Dollarama and A Buck or Two are my favourite places to go! Otherwise, I'll go to Walmart to get items that I really want, like finger painting paper.

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    Discountschoolsupply .com

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    Dollarama, costco, micheals (if I have to)

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    Dollar Stores, Walmart, scholars choice and I`ll hit Micheals discounted supplies.

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    Dollar stores and walmart

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamaof4 View Post
    Discountschoolsupply .com
    I don't see that they ship to Canada

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    I know this is an old post but I'm suprised nobody has mentioned a resource centre???? I am in Niagara Region and they have a resource centre as do Halton region (its in Milton) and one in Hamilton. If you are any kind of childcare provider whether in a centre at home or a teacher you can have a membership which is generally between 30-50 dollars annually or if the centre isnt in your area you can pay a $5 day pass. Resource centres are fantastic as they have die press machines so no more expensive trips to Micheals and no basing your themed crafts around whatever the dollar store has in stock. The die cuts really are fabulous and theres everything you can imagine there. They also tend to have recycling stations there so where people and businesses donate unwanted product that could be used for creative arts and crafts. For example. End of roll fabrics and wallpapers, yogurt tubs, buttons, scrap paper, anything that you could imagine. It tends to cost a few dollars to fill a basket or a grocery bag. Its hit and miss whats there but lots of potential. The resource centres also usually have lending libraries with themed boxes for activities and games, audio books and big books to borrow and laminating services. They can be a great place to get involved with workshops and courses also. Fantastic places and I couldn't imagine not having them available to me. They are an invaluable and cheap resource available to daycare providers. Have a look on the internet to find out if there is one serving your area

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    I agree Bright - I have not seen this thread before but agree making use of the Resource centre if you have one .... great for toy lending library as well so you can 'rotate' toys without having to keep and store them in your house!
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    Anyone know how I would find out if they have some sort of resource centre in the Edmonton area? I would love to take advantage of something like that. It sounds amazing.

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