I prefer 6 months worth of post-dated cheques. I've gone through to many families "forgetting" to pay on Friday and then I end up seeing it sometime next week. I'm done with this too! I like having control over my money. No more options in my daycare, post dated chqs only. If you have a chq that bounces you can go to the bank its from, as long as its not presidents choice cause then your screwed, but if its a bank you can try and get your money every week for 6 months. Trust me I've tried! Unless of course there's a stop payment then your really done. I'm not sure I like email because then the parent has way to much control and I have lazy parents who I would have to call and remind to send it over. I now refuse to call for my money!
What I did change at the beginning when I was easy going, I changed my pay day to Thursday, that way if they forgot the chances were good they would remember Friday.