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    I would hope that's true..... but if the parents had been following through with consequences, etc in the first place, momof5 wouldn't be in this situation. What makes us think they will now take a hard line approach?

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    It almost sounds like mom and dad are not on the same page. Dad is saying enough is enough and attempting to discipline the child more. But if mom isn't going to then she will find a new way to manipulate. At the same time once you know the parents are taking a hard line then you can do the same and make her life miserable if she doesn't behave. And of course as others have said one more infraction and that is is no more two week notice.

    Downside is if you give no notice it also doesn't give you two weeks of pay while you fill the space so taking the no more chances route actually hurts you as much if not more than them.

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    Thanks for all your advice!! I have told them that i needed to think about what would be best and get back to them with my decision on Monday! It's funny that once notice was given they started to take me seriously, this is a reg flag to me. along with the end of the week "bribes" for being a good girl.I don't agree with having to buy her something if she behaves the way she's supposed to behave! Mom will give in to her, she seems to find it easier then to deal with her tantrums, I of course don't give in one single bit to these! She doesn't like it when daddy's mad, her feelings are hurt by that, so he's the one that i would have to call to pick her up. But like some of you have mentioned, once she's home will she actually be punished. That again is a concern to me. If i decide to try this "plan" i will be telling them that i will only give 1 week notice and i will not give a warning to her before i call to have her picked up. I value all your opinions and advice and i definately will re read all these before i make my decision!!

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    I know for me one of the fundamental things when choosing clients is shared values and goals in child rearing - it does not bother me if we both take a slightly different paths to get to those goals as long as the message to children in regards to values and goals is consistent between both home and program .... it sounds to me like this is NOT the case with this client and well if you are not only taking slightly different paths but trying to head in opposite directions with regards to the child - it is a loose loose for everyone and best to just cut ties now!
    Children construct their own intelligence. The adult must provide activities and context, but most of all must be able to listen. Children need proof that adults believe in them. Their three great desires are to be listened to, to understand, and to demonstrate that they are exactly what we expect."
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