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Hi Alphaghetti, just curious what area you lived in last and where you relocated. I am in Calgary now but at some point would like to go back to toronto and was wondering what the average rates were and what you might have heard of being as good areas to live in for having a busy dayhome?
Hiya! I am in Toronto West, meaning Bloor/Lansdowne Area, aka Bloordale, Junction Triangle, High Park area.

The going rate here is $50-$55 dollars per day for full time, and $60-$65 for three days per week or less. I know that Sarah and Cadillac on these boards are also in Toronto, but in the east end, and the rates are the same there. In fact, when I do a daycare search for most areas of Toronto, this rate is the norm.

In my neighbourhood currently, you just can't find daycare. The centres and any ones who accept subsidy have a 2 year waiting list, so everyone is going with private day homes out of necessity. Everyone I know is full, and most of them have wait lists too. Someone told me a few weeks back that parents are actually forbidding their nannies to go out with their kids, because people are poaching them at parks and playgroups.