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    I see. Thank you for the info. I was thinking of having a midwife, but my fiance would want a doctor on the premisis in case of complications, so I guess having a midwife and an in-hospital delivery would be the way to go!

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    I had a midwife for both my birth experiences (one hospital, one home) and I didn't care for my particular midwife the first time around, but I do share similar philosophies to the midwifery model of care so I chose midwives again for my 2nd. Well, I had to unless I wanted to go UC which I was not comfortable with :P

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    I used midwives with all of my births...the first baby was born in hospital but the other three were born at home. Midwives are a wonderful experience!! The time taken, compared to an OB is amazing...as is the personalization of care. Each appointment was an hour, and I never felt rushed. Midwives in Ontario can write prescriptions, get ultrasounds, and have hospital priviledges so you can birth in hospital if you are not comfortable with homebirth.

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    Definitely go with a Midwife. They are very skilled at what they do, and are 100% involved in the pregnancy, birth and post-pardum care. They give you more time to express your concerns and talk about options. You will also be in control of all decision making, which is the best part. You choose what kinds of intervention you want in all aspects. However, Midwives usually do not promote pain meds....

    I had two natural home births with both my children. So fulfilling and empowering! I'm kind of an extremist on this....but it's so nice to be at home, and not have to deal with hospitals and doctors. I always say, hospitals are for sick people, not for healthy moms and newborns. Also, taking pain meds or induction meds during labour can lead to c-sections and have a very negative effect on you and your baby. Heart, Respiratory problems, etc.

    If you are set on having hospital birth though, Midwives usually associate with obstetricians and specific hospitals, so she can accommodate you if you choose that route.

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    Love midwives. I used them for both my children. The 1st was at the hospital in and out in about 4 hours. Didn't have to stay there which was great. 2nd I had at home. The best decision ever. So relaxing and not stressful. I was in the comfort of my own home. They are so good at questions anytime. I had complications with my 2nd in my first trimester and they were so good. I could page them anytime. Plus I love that they come to your home after the birth to check on you and the baby. No lugging a new baby to the doctors with sick people. Can't wait to have them when we have our 3rd! Enjoy

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    While I think midwives are fabulous, and I encourage you to pursue a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) if that is what you want, I hope you are planning on having your babe in a hospital setting where a medical assistance is quickly available if you need it. Remember: a healthy baby and a healthy Mum are the goal - how the baby arrives (naturally, induced, c-section) is not as important as keeping everyone safe and sound. =)

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