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    Hi, any tips on having a dog in the daycare?

    I am new here but have been doing daycare for 10 years. a week ago we got a one year old dog and my stress has SOARED!
    It is a good dog (french bulldog) but I am terrified something could happen to one of the four kids in my care. I am now keeping my dog in our diningroom with a gate.
    Any advice?

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    apples and bananas
    I have 2 french bulldogs, they are great animals!

    I have had mine for a while so I have a certain amount of trust with them. And even though they run from the kids rather then towards them I still don't leave them out all day. They are in a gated area. They go outside during snack times and they are running about during quiet time, but that's it. They have gotten into a great routine and are happy to have their own space.

    I'm always upfront and honest with my clients, they all meet the dogs during the interview and I let them know that I don't involve a child that isn't comfortable.

    Congratulations on your new pet!

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    apples and bananas
    One more thing... Ive never met a Frenchie that doesn't behave well around children of any age... Your new pet will become an awesome addition for the kids I'm sure.

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    A Dog is a Dog 1st and formost and they can bite "PERIOD" no matter how friendly.

    Where did you get the dog? If it was from the SPCA then you don't know too much about its temperment, it has had a whole year with who knows? The liability of a child getting bit is huge so I would keep him seperate until you feel more comfortable. Maybe let the kids have doggie time for a few minutes each day to pat feed it treats etc...but be with them at all times while they are with the dog.

    Animals are like people we don't always like everyone!

    Good luck with your new dog and they can bring so much happiness to a family!

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    Congrats on your new addition to your family!
    Our dog has always been around kids from the day we got him. He is always with me in the daycare area but, comes with me when I leave. Our Golden is true their nature, loving and gentle. I am however very much aware that I need to protect not only the kids but also my dog. If our dog ever did something to hurt one of the kids ( and he's 7 and NEVER done anything but kiss them ) we would no longer be the loving daycare and dog that their little one loves. We would be the ones that caused harm to their child. A parent could in worst case, get the dog put down and so, for the safety of not only the kids but, my dog who was here in our home first, I take extra precautions.
    Not to scare you but, the reality is, as wonderful as some of these families are and we can and some times do get close to some of these families. At the end of the day, we run a business and they will always look out for their child and we need to look our for ours ( meaning dog = our family)

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    Thank you, awesome points!

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