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    HELP Aggression taken up a notch today

    I posted earlier today regarding one of my 20 month old in my daycare. Showing signs of aggression towards the other kids. In the past, we have worked on his tackling the other kids down to the floor, sitting on them and we seemed to have stopped him from doing that. I thought that he was just so full of energy that he did it out of excitement as he really does show so many tender moments towards the other kids.
    Now he will run in front of another to get to the chair that the other child wanted to sit in and even sit on them as he wants it. What ever another child is playing with, he wants ( typical toddler behavior ) but he will take it and push them. Hitting which I've been thinking was in excitement as he gets really excited about something and then hits ......
    his parents told me that his tantrums have been taken up a notch lately as he is really acting out- normal toddler behavior right

    well today I posted wondering if I could do something to help channel his energy ( this little guy can be really sick and still not slow down )
    Another little guy had a toy and he wanted it and took it. I was there to tell him that he needed to give it back and I re-directed him with another toy. That wasn't what he wanted so he went up to the child that he took the toy from and took it and smacked him in the face with it- causing him to bleed as I'm guessing the way he hit him with the hard plastic toy caused him to either bite his tongue or put a new tooth coming through to go into his tongue or cheek. Blood was everywhere. The little guy who I'm reffering to about taking the toy- ran away when I called him to come say sorry. He knew what he did was wrong by running away.

    I had to fill out an accident report due to his behavior that he knows he did wrong by running away.

    HELP ladies- what stradigies should I do for this little guy. His parents and I are talking tonight at pick up. What I've been doing of not saying anything and putting him away from the toys/kids isn't working.

    Suggetions to handle this right away!

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    I should also add- any time we have circle time and one of the other kids comes by me, he wants to sit closer to me. One of the other moms comes to pick up their little one, he will run right in front of their kid for the affection.
    I know he gets lots at home so why?

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    Oh jec, I hope we get some good suggestions because I am going through the same thing! The little one I have who is hitting also gets lots of affection from me and his parents...but he is an attention seeker! I am closed next week, so I am hoping that a holiday and time with his family helps him get over this stage fast! I wish I could help you, but my strategies are not working either!

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    Hey Kangaroomama ~ seems a lot wanted to view but not give us any advice.
    I think it's just part of the toddler phase and after meeting with the parents tonight, it seemed they weren't doing their part at home. He was getting mixed messages from us. OK at home but not at daycare. I'm really lucky to have these parents and were really receptive to talking things out and we chatted about both of us doing the same thing to give him the right message.
    Chat with your daycare parents and see if they are on board with what your doing at your daycare. I think once we get the parents on board and we are all doing the same thing- it may take some time but the behavior will change.
    Good luck!!

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    I had a little boy In my care like this and unfortunately it just got too much for me and had to terminate. The parents we not willing to help and would just laugh it off. He would not just seek attention but would scream/cry at the top of his lungs. Even wouldn't let me change anyone else diapers.
    I agree with you as long as the parents are willing to help then it could work out fine. Sorry don't have much advice. Good luck and hope you and the parents can figure out something that will work.

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    The parents in my case have been great about following the same strategy and they are great with communication. I really like the kids and the parents...just not sure why he is still doing it! But maybe it will just take longer. I'll keep soldiering on...good luck to you with your little aggresser!

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