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    Smile Playing Unsupervised (older kids)

    Hi everyone!!
    I have been running my dayhome for 2.5 years, and have had a great/awful time doing it! lol!
    I use my entire basement as a daycare, and it is very safe and secure with large windows, locks on rooms they can't go it, and it is right off the kitchen. When I make lunches or clean up after meals, I let the kids (ages 3-6) go in the basement so they are not underfoot. I can hear everything (even the whispers saying "be quiet so she can't hear what we are doing") so I don't think its an issue to let them play on their own and I let the parents know during interview that I will let them play on their own. I was just wondering how everyone else handles lunches, breaks etc?
    Also, what are your quiet time activities? I only have one who naps and she can nap anywhere through anything and usually passes out on the couch to be honest. I only take a half hour from 1-1:30 to take a break, so I use the food prep/clean up time to retain my sanity. I don't want to plop the kids in front of the TV for quiet time, but I don't want them destroying the house either.

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    Interesting name for a daycare forum 'kinkymomm'...lol! It really depends on the child, doesn't it? I have 4 daycare children, aged 2 that I know I can leave alone for a minute; I can trust that they are going to stay absorbed in whatever activity they are engaged in & should they seek anything else they with stay within the limitations my space allows. I have 2 others, aged 1 & 2 that I just cannot trust. They tend to be the ones that get put in one of my highchairs with a puzzle, or game while I run to the bathroom, or whatever. As for quiet activities during nap; prior to today all of mine napped, nicely on the same schedule. Today I had a 5 & 8 yr old start that despite lots of yawns & "I'm tired"...do not nap. So, unfortunately it has been reading & movie time for them today...I'll be curious to hear any other suggestions too.
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    apples and bananas
    My kids are usually directly under my feet screaming or crying during lunch prep. LOL My kitchen is at the back of my house, I do not have a sight line into the play room. I let them play betweeen the play room, tv room and kitchen. I can always hear them and check in on them regularly. I only worry when it gets quiet.

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    Lol! It's a nickname, Kink is the first part of my maiden name!

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    Most of my DCK are little ones that barely walk so of course they are supervised at all times. I have two 3yos (one who is my own) who I trust 100% to play in another room. They do puzzles, read stories, play barbies and do quiet crafts while the little ones are sleeping. I completely agree that it depends on the child, not just the age. These two play amazingly well together, both understand they need to be quiet during nap time and relish being "big" enough to be trusted.

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    Luckily I have a split level house and my kitchen overlooks the play area. I can stand at my stove and watch them play a floor below me. All my children nap so once lunch clean up is done I bring the younger children upstairs to thier cribs and the older kids get out thier nap mats and blankies. Then I turn on a movie and within 20 minutes everyone is asleep. I tried puzzles, reading stories, quiet play.. everything I could think of to calm them down and get them to lie down on thier own but they won't. Watching a movie is the only thing that makes them stay still long enough for sleep to happen. I hate playing movies every day but at least they only watch a few minutes of it. If someone doesnt fall asleep after half an hour I turn off the movie and they can either lay there or come upstairs to the middle floor and play quietly with me. This way they don't distrub the babies upstairs or the other big kids downstairs. Because it's a split level I can still see both groups of children while they sleep.

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    I'm really lucky that I have one floor and I can always see the children from the kitchen while I prepare food. I have to run back and forth through 2 rooms all the time so I can't imagine if they were down some stairs, yikes! You must get lots of exercise!

    Anyway, if I were you I would prep as much as humanly possible the night before and have it all done and I would make use of my crockpot or one dish meals that I could throw together the night before or leftovers that could be prepared very quickly. Just a few thoughts.

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    Oh yes, as far as naptime goes, I only have children up to JK usually, but I'm about to keep one child for JK & SK every other day. But I insist ALL of the children lay down for a rest every day. It is Naptime/Quiet Time in my contract and non-negotiable because I need my break in the middle of my day.

    If I have a child over age 5 who doesn't nap they will be allowed to look at a book with a low light until they become tired enough to close their eyes. My 5 year old grandson comes once in a while on a PD day and he brings his DS game system with him and plays it in his bed in the dark for about 45 minutes then usually puts it down and naps for about an hour. I hope this gives you a few ideas.

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