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    In home daycare needed in Mississauga near Square one area.

    I hope this is the right place to post this question.

    Can any parents here recommend an inhome daycare in Mississauga(near Square One) for my 3 year old? I am sick and tired of being on waitlists for these other daycares. I am looking to start him off first on a part time basis maybe 2-3 mornings per week and then eventually full time.

    My son has multiple food allergies but I am willing to provide his food as necessary. He is also a high functioning Autistic kid and has delayed speech. He is very affectionate and likes other kids. Other than the delayed speech you would never notice that he has ASD. Both his pediatrician and speech therapist are recommending part time daycare which will help his speech development.

    Do you think I would even have luck finding a spot at inhome daycare considering his condition?

    Thank you

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    I am availlable

    I would be willing to welcome your son into my home daycare in Sept. I have one spot to fill, but I live at Winston Churchill and Derry Rd. If this would be a possibility for you, you can email me directly at

    j.home.daycare@hotma il.com

    I also have a son with some food allergies.

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    I am a Child and Youth Counselor and have worked as an Educational Resource Facilitator with the Peel Board of Education for a number of years with students who are diagnosed with ASD are high functioning and integrated in to the mainstream classrooms. I do have spaces currently available in my home daycare. I you wish you may contact me at salittlelearners@gma il.com

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    I'd like to start off by introducing myself, my name is Rubina. I've been looking for children to babysit at my home for a while now
    I am a trained and qualified babysitter. I received a diploma for babysitting and I have 6 years of experience. In addition, I have brought up 5 of my beautiful and well-raised children. I am a creative, fun and have good communication skills. I love to get myself involved with the children and make them feel comfortable and safe. I get myself involved by doing arts and crafts with them, reading books to them and playing games with them. I have also helped children with homework, and I have also taught children below the age of school-going the basics, like colors, numbers, alphabets, animals etc. I also believe in tv time for the children, not for a long time tho. I have many channels for children with cartoons, and educational programs. I may seem easy going, but i also know when to the draw the line. I know when to firmly, but lovingly and respectfully let a child know they have reached a limit, and tell them how they can resolve the problem or how to behave. Furthermore, I always let parents know how the child is doing, and I am open to parent schedules, suggestions and like to have the parent discuss meals, snacks, naps etc. Other skills I have are handling babies who are fussy when the parents leaves or are fussy about eating, babies who have difficulty sleeping, and babies who throw a lot of tantrums. To finish off, I live on creditview and eglinton.

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