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    Share your outdoor activities

    What is your biggest hit for outdoor playtime (besides play equipment)?

    mine really like painting my car
    some obsess over the water table where others could care less.
    they don't care about the sandbox, refuse to play on the playground equipment or ride on toys and trikes. One wants to craft everything but needs a constant activity provided and how to do it. I like to get dirty. I have a germ-a-phobe kid, I swear. Nothing gets use unless I direct it

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    My kids all have different likes and dislikes too. I have a water table, slides, pails & shovels and a muddy corner for them to dig. I have a little girl who loves to dig up worms and she picks them up, along with snails and all kinds of bugs.

    We travel to parks and my park bag is always packed with lots of bubble makers, sidewalk chalk, shovels and a spray bottle full of water for cooling us down.

    We do a lot of walking outside and we play lots of games like I Spy while we walk.

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    I have one little boy who likes to sit in the dirt and dig. He likes finding bugs, rocks, sticks, etc. Balls are a big hit, bouncy balls, soccer balls, etc. Bubbles always go over well. The older kids usually make up their own games to play outside--imaginary play, so they will pretend to be superheroes, or they will get a bunch of sticks and build a fort, etc.

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    My big hit is the walk every morning. I live out in the country so we see a lot of things and we pick flowers. We also have small farm animals so ofcourse that's a big hit too with he feeding. I also have a garden and fruit trees. The kids love to pick their own and taste.

    As for activites with the small ones love ... 'Tickel bug' . I turn into a big tickle bug and run after them. The older ones love the swing, water sprinklers and hide and seek. Once in a while we have some sort of olympics or tournament. I bought like mini soccer games, mini golf, ring toss stuff like that.

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