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    Baby furnitures?

    My husband and I have been shopping for baby needs since we are going to welcome the baby in 3 months so everyone is excited. As first time parents, we are confused what essential furnitures to buy. There are so many things to buy but we also want to be practical and we want to buy what is needed when the baby comes out. What are some essential furnitures the baby will need?

    Replies would be highly appreciated.

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    First off, CONGRATS!!!!

    These items I would consider to be the essentials. All the other stuff is pretty much stuff to take up space, IMO!

    Crib/bassinet, change table, glider chair for yourself when you're feeding, closest or dresser, highchair, bouncy chair, playpen for if you do go away or to grandparents, and stroller/car seat.

    And then you'll need cloth bibs for a drooly baby, receiving blankets - you can never have enough! - clothes (of course - sleepers as baby will be little over the winter). My sister suggested for me that instead of a snowsuit, to have one of those covers for the car seat (that's what we're going to do).

    That's what I can think of this early in the morning - hopefully that helps some! Good luck!

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    Hey I am really thankful for this list, I wrote it all down. So I looked online for some great baby furnitures and clothes, and a lot of them really offer way cheaper items. I am confused now where to but and which of these items are safer for kids...can you suggest any good online sites?

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    There are many items baby only uses for the first few months such as a swing or bassinet if you choose to use one. Some children transition from bassinet to crib with no problem and others don't .... Some choose to just start off with the crib so if you have a friend or family member that can lend one to you instead of purchasing same goes for the swing. You can also look on kijiji for good used items that are generally in brand new condition because they are used fir such a short time. But it is suggested to never buy a crib or car seat second hand. One other thing I found that I loved was the baby support for the bath. They are about $5 in walmart and it is wedge shaped and you place the baby on it in the bath tub and the baby wouldn't slip off and you had two hands. The best $5 I ever spent.

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    I bought my change table for my daycare for $30, and then about 2 months ago bought another change table for my own child for $40 (either from Usedottawa.com or kijiji.ca). The one I bought for $40 used is about $240 brand new! The crib we got from my hubby's co-worker. Bedding from my sister (it is gender neutral), and she also gave me her breast pump - would have bought that brand new - as well as the baby bjorn and some clothes 0-6 months. The glider chair was my nanna's. But we did buy an old oak glider and ottoman for $30 and reupholstered it.

    There are tons of garage sales around, so I would scour those, as well as used classifieds. Ask around too. And remember, if it's your first, usually you have a baby shower! Register at babiesrus.ca!

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    At the first sight the list of useful things for baby could look simple. Of course, the main things are crib, changing table and special chair for feeding. But all that stuff is quite expensive! Of course some garage sales could help with this question. All the other not least important things you could buy gradually

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