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    Your best experience with a childcare provider!


    A little feel good thread to show parents that some providers are true gems!

    Can you describe the best childcare / daycare provider you ever used? How did you manage to find this provider and what was so special about her (or him)?

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    We found an amazing daycare provider on very short notice. She was amazing, in the Meadowvale area. Sadly she's moved away and we've found an equally great provider, though it will never be the same. There are some REALLY great providers out there.

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    I'm glad to see this topic on here. Being a provider myself for the past 15 years and with all the media attention lately around daycare providers, I hope to hear from a lot of parents who HAVE found fantastic providers because there are some really great ones out there!

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    I agree with JerseyGirl. There are many great providers around. I've been a daycare provider also for the last 7 years and have never had to have my children in daycare. The best daycare provider I ever met was my sister. She also taught me everything I needed to know when I started doing daycare. She was an ECE teacher who stayed at home with her kids and ran a home daycare. She was great with kids and truely enjoyed working with them. Her kids are teenagers now and she currently works as an ECE teacher for the every day full day kindergarten program.

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    I have had both AMAZING experiences, and not so amazing experiences. My daughter is currently enrolled in CEFA Langley, and we transitioned her there after a bad experience with a home care provider, and even though it was the more expensive option it has been the best decision we have ever made. My daughter is happy, healthy, well taken care of, very well stimulated, educated and respected. We get great feedback and communication with her teachers (who are AMAZING!) and I'm so happy with the program that I'm going to keep her in it two days a week while I'm on maternity leave, something I never thought I would do!

    I was able to afford the program because a parent helped me out... and I'd love to do the same. If I refer someone to CEFA Langley then they get $100 off PER MONTH! (I also benefit with the same discount.) One of the biggest struggles I had when I was looking for a centre was that I wanted the inside scoop from a parent versus what the staff were telling (or sometimes felt like "selling" me on... so if you would like to know what I love about the program, or would love to see changed, or would like to take advantage of the referral program please contact me at jami_savage@hotmail. com

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsLeBlanc View Post
    We found an amazing daycare provider on very short notice. She was amazing, in the Meadowvale area. Sadly she's moved away and we've found an equally great provider, though it will never be the same. There are some REALLY great providers out there.
    Good to hear you found someone new! There are some very great providers out there!
    Kelly, Childcare Provider & Birthing Doula


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    Hi there I am new to this forum and wondering I have checked to see if there are any reviews on the daycare and there are it says on the page and when I go to click on the reviews it wont take me there . then it says provider does not wont to engage in review activity..?? so There are 2 reviews but I cant see them or the daycare owner somehow blocked it..from being seen is that what that means..?? or no..? am confuse and frusterated because this is where my daughter will be going in a few weeks and am a bit un nerved.... If someone can help me I would appreciate some tips on what that means... its like the review are there but cant be shown...uffff.... thank you

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    Mamamia, the provider needs to check the box on her listing that allows reviews to be seen. There are several reasons why she might have that blocked. Not all relationships work out the way we would like. Not every caregiver and every daycare home is the right fit for a family or particular child. Just because one family had a bad experience does not mean it isn't the ideal space for another family including the other 3-4 or more familes still in care with that caregiver. To allow this kind of negative "complaint" review gives the wrong impression of the caregiver. Also some caregivers do not know they need to check the box - I didn't at first until a potential parent asked why I didn't have it available and I realized I needed to change the settings. Go ahead and email the potential caregiver and give them a chance to explain or to unblock the link. Do not discount them even if it is a negative review because it just might be the right situation for your family.

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    I am an au pair and i found if the family is nice to me and let me feel relax, then we could get along very well. And i could recommend the website http://www.aupairnet24.com/, since i have found a nice family there. so maybe it could help you to find a good au pair as well.

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    Daycare provider in Meadowvale or Britannia/Creditview area

    Hello everyonne,

    I have just started the search for a daycare provider for my son for Sep 2012. I wondered if the Meadowvale mum would be willing to share how she found the daycare provider she really enjoyed dealing with? Or anyone else in the Britannia/Creditview area who has found a fabulous daycare centre or provider who is taking in 12 month old children.

    thank you

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