If there is asbestos in there, you probably should call a professional asbestos removal company because your measures may not be enough to stop the asbestos from getting into the air and into your lungs and into the rest of your house (through ducts etc).
Also, I don't know how long ago you bought your house, but have you considered suing your inspector for not noticing that a load bearing wall had been removed...this should have been obvious to him/her. Don't feel bad suing him/her because the company probably has very good insurance that can save you a lot of grief!

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They are aware that renovations are occurring ~ and I will have to tell them 'something' to explain that there has been a delay in the plans cause by the looks of it is not going to be finished before I reopen in August but yes I will play down the fact that my basement has been a death trap these past through years

Thanks yes between this risk and the 'insulation' being exposed as well we got the proper gear for doing it ~ we have a construction worker respirator and gloves for working with and take a shower and change our clothes when we are done doing work ~ another reason why I wanted to be closed while the majority of the 'demo' work was being done.