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    Thanks for all the awsome advise. It is nice to know that other people have gone through this as well. I did talk to mom last week to let her know that he is having an extreamly hard time adjusting and that it is not healthy for him to be crying non stop for 9 hours not to mention the difficulty of listening to it for 9 hours. We said we would give it one more week and than re-evaluate. I said that I would be happy with some sign of adjusting, that I do not expect it to be perfect. Mom is trying really hard and has shortened his hours at daycare this week. I have tried the high chair and play pen and both seem to cause him the most anxiety. He is happier on the floor but away from the other children. He is now at the point where there is usually a 20 minute period of not crying, but the majority of the day is still spent crying. Does this sound like he is making progress? I still do not know what to do. Once again thank you for all the support and advice

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    [QUOTE=Judy Trickett;20703]Yeah, that is a LONG time to not have adjusted somewhat by now. Honestly, if, by the end of week two I don't start to see improvement I seriously start thinking about terminating them if, in the week following, they aren't 80% transitioned. By week two I start mentioning things to the parents to set them up for the possibility of termination.

    Do you have a playpen set up? This is a MUST for every provider. When you get to the point where a child is just grating on your nerves then do not feel bad for putting in a playpen in a separate room and just walking away for a few minutes. [QUOTE]

    For my screamer, on his second day, I actually ended up turning on the TV in my room, giving him milk cup and putting him in a play pen. I just COULDN'T take the crying and I felt bad that my son had to endure it too. Anyways, he spent almost the entire day in there. He was quiet, and he just wanted to be alone.

    The only thing that makes me worried about terminating a kid like that is that he's just going to have to do it again at another daycare. Maybe he's not ready for care, but most parents don't have the luxery of taking their child our of care and going to work when mom is 'ready'. You should talk to mom and dad, get them play seperation games at home (hello, goodbye, peek a boo, hide and seek) He's old enough now that he CAN be seperated, he just needs to learn HOW. I honestly don't think that there is such thing a child not being 'ready' at this age, it's the parents who aren't ready.

    It will happen. It just takes time. The kid isn't going to cry for the rest of his life. Just relax, put him in a seperate room when you feel like you're going to blow and put him in a highchair or playpen away from the other kids. Stick a soother in his mouth if you have to. My screamer had a soother for the first 2 months he was here. It was the only thing that made him feel safe. Now though, he never has it.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littledragon View Post

    The only thing that makes me worried about terminating a kid like that is that he's just going to have to do it again at another daycare.
    This is NOT your problem. You simply can NOT take on the worries of every child. You will just die trying and eventually close up your daycare because you are not pleasing the one person who matters - YOU.

    It should NOT matter WHY a child needs to be terminated or what happens to them after they leave your care. NONE OF THAT MATTERS.

    ALL that matters is that you have a group of kids, who, every day, get along and are pleasant to be with and do not set you so on edge you have to place them in a playpen and walk away repeatedly. That is not fair to YOU.

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