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    Potty Training my OWN kid

    I know most parents allow their kid to be bare-bummed when first starting out with the potty training, to make it easier but we would not allow a daycare kid to come play here butt-naked.
    What can I do with my own son, who is starting to train, and is easier on him if he is half-naked to go potty.
    I know this is my house and all, but he plays with the other kids, sits on the benches, couch, carpet etc. I am not concerned about him having accidents on things, but just the bare-bummed thing, and I think some parents may protest about the hygenic issues with this.


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    I never had my kids bare bummed out right in training, but had them bare under loose fitting pants. something they can pull down real easy. try that maybe?

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    Just went through it with my own as well...agreed; loose fitting pants (no underwear). There's also the quilted thick cotton underwear you can buy (they still feel wetness, but prevents too much of a mess).
    Children are great imitators.
    So give them something great to imitate.


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