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    Legal requirement of first aid/ cpr for home daycare provider in Ontario


    I'm planning to start my own home daycare in Ontario. I'm considering registering for a cpr and first aid course with Red Cross. As par my research, the "Standard First Aid and CPR- Level C" is much more detail and thorough than the "Emergency First Aid and CPR- Level C". But my personal preference is the emergency one. I was wondering what is the legal requirement for a daycare provider in Ontario.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't think there is any legal requirement if you are going to be running a private home daycare. It is something parents usually want you to have and you should have for the safety of the kids, but there is no requirement to have it unless you are going through an agency, in which case they will tell you what they want you to have.

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    Totally up to you ~ there are no regulations for this unless you are with an agency in which case you would have to have 'Infant and child CPR and Emergency First Aid' .... the level A,B,C, D varies depending on how the company offering it defines it so I would be ensuring it has the 'infant and child' component.

    This company offers a combined First Aid and CRP options tailored specifically for home childcare ~ this is what I take annually as it is offered through our local OEYC and is the least 'time' restraint and cost effective way to take it .... other combined courses charge MORE and while the First Aid is good for 3 years the CPR component is only good for 1 year so you have to take than annually anyway to say you are 'certified' ... it typically costs more to get the CPR itself

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    When I started in my first year I did take the 2 day Red Cross seminar. I had to give up a whole weekend, ugh! But I'm glad I did it because it was very in depth and made me feel secure in my ability to react with the children during any emergency.

    Now I update with the quickie courses every year and proudly display my CPR/first aid card on my entrance way bulletin board so parents always know I've been refreshed. It makes the parents breathe easier - and me too!

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    I did the two-day full level C St. John's CPR and AED course last weekend. I had done CPR a number of times in the past as a lifeguard, but I was surprised how much had changed. It was very worthwhile. Not just for my daycare families, but just as a citizen. I had no idea how easy it is to use the defibrillation machines, and if I came upon an unresponsive person in the mall or arena, I would be very comfortable taking charge and using it. It cost me $150 (and another $150 for my daughter, who will be working with me in the daycare) but I felt it was worth it... even if I hope I never have to use what I've learned.

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    I am required to have CPR and First Aid Infant and Child. I think it is a good idea to have the training whether required or not, shows the parents you are well equiped as well!! I have had to use my training a few times and am very greatful for the confidence I aquired through those trainings. Nothing better than being "too prepared" when taking care of kids.

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    Thank you so much everyone for all the good info.

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