I posted something about this last week, but I think it was worded wrong. I'd had a really bad day and I think it came as more of a complaint than a question. But this is a legit question

I have a 22 month old who just started. He never had proper naps at home, which was sort of discussed in the interview - I feel like I was misled a bit but since I've spoken to mom and dad they are totally on board to do the same on the weekends as I do here.

So, he is expected to take the same naps with the other kids at the same time. He falls asleep rather well, but it's when he gets up. At the moment, he's in my room. Which is good, but he will eventually be tranferred to the nap room, which is also my office. Now, when he wakes up, he cries for about 5 minutes (I;m still sleep training him) and then he climbs out of the playpen. I don't want him to climb out, but I don't know how to stop him! Either I go in and put him back in every 5minutes and he cries and wakes everyone up, or he climbs out and can potentially hurt himself.

Anyone have any advice?