I bought a Chariot stroller couple of weeks ago and now I'm selling as it is taking up so much space and I live in an apartment. I didn't think it will take that much space. Anyway, I have advertised to sell it and I received an email asking me if I consider reducing the price. I'm selling it at a price I bougth but willing to reduce couple of $ just to get my space back. Anyway, I responded saying I may if the offer is reasonable. She then email me back saying" I'm a single mother and I can offer $100. By the way, I'm selling it for $450. Firstly, why do you mentioned that you are a single mother and what on earth were you thinking when you offer $100 for a $450 stroller.
I've sold some stuff on kijiji and I always receive emails starting "I'm a single mother" bla bla bla but I have never! Ever received one email saying "I'm a single father"

Im very skeptical whenever I hear "single mother". I have couple of male friends who went thru a divorce and those "single mothers" ruined their life. They looted them. They played the victim and got more then what they suppose to. Now, whenever I hear a "single mother" first thing comes to my mind is "rich mother" and I have NO sympathy for them. I know I should t think like this but from what I've seen and I have seen a lot! This is how/what I think. I know all single mothers will get mad at me but I'm sure you also witness or heard a divorce story where women looted and played the victim. I even had an ex friend who married with a loaded guy just to divorce him after a couple of years later and got half of everything he had. She now goes on holiday pretty much all around the year. Life eh?

I felt like responding her email " if you really are a single mother then I'm sure you dont have financial difficulties as I'm sure you looted your ex and plus you're getting decent help from the government." By the way, I checked her email address and found her on Facebook and I could see where she went for holidays! Single mother! My foot!!!

I'm no means of attacking single mothers, but i do not belive in their honesty.