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    Name Associations and Behaviour

    As dh and I are pouring over name options for our little one on the way, it struck me that I have a big problem with name associations, lol! Are there any names that you have come across in your experience in childcare (or in life in general) that have left a bad taste in your mouth? That you would never name your own child? Any RECURRING names that seem to exhibit the same personalities?
    REMEMBER, this is just for fun, and is based on personal experience only so if one of the names mentioned is a family member, try not to take offense!

    Names that I couldn't use because of negative name association:
    - Mason (dd#1's bio father's name...huge douche)
    - Kennedy (I've met more than one bully named Kennedy for some reason!)

    ...and quite a few more but those are 2 off the top of my head!

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    Jennifer - 3 Jenn's I knew turned out to be very nasty people. THREE! lol. That name is off the list
    Michael - Always seem to be the playground bully. Not sure why.
    Jasmine - I don't know many but every Jasmine I knew was.. well let's just say a certian type of girl
    Gary - Childhood friends douche father. Never liked the name. Ironically it's my FIL's name lmao.

    Those are the only ones I can think off of the top of my head. Fun game!

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    Ok I have a few .....
    Gary ... My ex husbands name .... Nuff said
    Jason .... Total brats
    Michael ...... Same as above .... Shame cause I really like the name Michael
    Tucker.... Cause it rhymes with a baaaad word
    Hannah .... Cause it rhymes with Banana
    Ava/ Sophie/ grace/ Olivia ....... Every little girl right now is named one if those

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