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    How do I extract text from a photo?

    Honestly, the situation is ridiculously silly. I asked a friend to send me a document I needed. Itís literally one page of text that I need right now. Instead of sending the whole file, he screenshotted the page and sent it as a photo. The problem is I need to copy, edit, and all that stuff, not just read it. Anyway, heís not responding because heís busy, and Iím already running late. How can I quickly extract text from a photo, if possible? I'm almost ready to write it out by hand.

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    If the text is clear, I usually use the standard feature on iPhones where you can highlight and copy text directly from the photo to Notes. But there have been times when some letters didn’t read well and copied with mistakes. So if your screenshot is of good quality, you might try that option.

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    I also use this thing when I can. Or when the text is short enough to quickly check it for accuracy and fix what's wrong. But if I need a quality result, or I'm extracting text from a video or photo of not the best quality, or there's something else that might get in the way, then I turn to TextSniper. Like many other software, I found out about it on Setapp https://setapp.com/how-to/extract-text-from-images, where there are really useful articles and tips with various utilities. TextSniper is pretty easy to use, and for me, it's become an essential tool for work.

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