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Thread: Business car?

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    Business car?

    Do any of you ladies lease/buy a van for your daycare? My dck's last daycare provider had a van and was able to take them to parks/feild trips etc..I'm not in walking distance and no public transportation to these places. How how a van would be perfect! 30,000 grand for one just isn't in the cards!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I live on a bus route which I use sometimes for special trips or just a full route trip. Even if I didn't have the bus I wouldn't have a vehicle for daycare outings. There is the increase of transporting children on your insurance and some parents do not want their children off the premises. That being said, I am sure you can find a reliable vehicle for a reasonable price. You can let a few dealerships know you are on the look out for such a van and why. Sales Managers make regular trips to car auctions where they purchase vehicles for their used car inventory. If you speak to them personally, I am sure they would be happy to try to fill your order as it would mean a sale for them just let them know your price range. Remember that if they do find something they think is suitable, you are under no obligation to purchase it if it is not to your liking.

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    Ya ~ I upgraded my vehicle to a van however it is not a 'business van' it is shared use van cause I use it for personal reasons as well ~ so you can only write off a portion of it that is used for business use.

    I also did not buy new but used ~ more affordable since we aim to be a 'no debt' family now I did not want a big ole loan payment for the next 5 years.

    I also agree that like any other unique to us services we might provide it ... having a pet on premise for example ... offering this comes with risk that some prospective clients might not want to sign on if field trips and outings are not something they are comfortable with ~ however this option was vital to my program and goals and is not something I would want to go with out ~ the additional insurance each month is equal to 4 bus trips if I had to pay fare so the 'ease' of the vehicle and the chance to go out more than 4 times on that same budget is a win win for me
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