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    Sick days - own children

    I am starting a new home daycare and have my own children home as well. I am wondering about what to do when my own children are sick (like sick enough that the illness policy would have them stay home if they were daycare children). Do I just treat this like a day that I am sick (I notify parents asap, no daycare children are here, no charge to parents)?
    Thanks, Ariel

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    My daughter is 9 so she is usually ok on her own upstairs in her bedroom if I stay open. However, I always advise the clients that my daughter is home because... none of them ever seem to mind that she's home sick, they bring their kids anyways. I'm lucky that none of my kids have ever been sick enough that I've had to close to attend to them. But fevers, throwing up, diarhea etc... I typically stay open but advise the parents and offer them the option of not bringing their child that day.

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    Hi! I haven't opened yet, but right now i plan on advising the parents that my child is sick. Daycare would still be open (unless they were extremely sick and needed my undivided attention) but the parents would have the option of not coming. If they didn't come I wouldnt make them pay but I would be open for those that wanted/needed to come.

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    Unless my child was so sick that they needed all of my attention, I would remain open, informing the parents as soon as possible about my child's illness, and giving them the option. I would not charge if they didn't bring their kids that day.

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    If you give parents as much notice as possible so they can make alternate arrangements for care or call in sick themselves that's the best you can do. Emergencies happen and most parents are fully aware of that fact.

    If I close for an emergency I don't charge my clients, but I did write 3 paid personal days into my contract in case I'm too sick to care for the children. You know, it's usually the daycare children who bring the germs to our homes, so don't be afraid to remind your clients of that.

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    This one can stink sometimes!!! if my children get ill with a contagious illness such as the flu, I will close for at least two days and keep all families posted on whether it spread to all in the house or whether they are better. Now, if they have something like strep, or a nasty cold.....I encourage them to keep a distance from the children (really want them to stay in their rooms if possible) have to remember though, this IS THEIR home, (feel bad for my kids sometimes) but I do inform ALL parents and allow them to make the choice on whether to bring their child or not.

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