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    Before and After school cost

    Hi! I am looking at taking a couple of before and after school kids. I am just wondering what people are charging for this service? I live in Hamilton, Ontario and would appreciate any input.

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    I was wondering the same thing. I think $15

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    I would say $15. That is what I charge my afterschool kid. However, they are subsidy so parent doesn't need to pay.

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    I charge $20 per day to a maximum of 4 hours. If it's just before or just after, I charge $15 per day to a maximum of 2 hours. I am in a smallish town in the GTA. I am sure you could charge more in larger cities.

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    I think that what you suggest with the hours makes great sense. $15 seems to be okay for a short period but it pains me that a teenage babysitter makes more that me!

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    I charge $20 for both before and after school care (maximum of 3 1/2 hours).
    Before care is $12 (maximum of 1 1/2 hours) and after care is $12 (maximum of 2 hours).

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    This is why I do not offer before and after school care ~ society does not value the service at all and expect us to suddenly take a cut in pay to offer this service to them .... honestly the before and after school programs that offer this service have a 1:15 ratio and charge the SAME or MORE than $15 a day in some communities .... they typically do not provide food and take place in a gym and so forth where kids just 'run around' for a couple of hours entertaining themselves with very little program expense for the organizations offering it?

    I always wonder why home childcare providers sell themselves short when we offer a smaller ratio with a consistent adult and a homemade snack option and so forth .... we offer a premium service to clients and should be able to charge a premium service but yet our fees are consistently and substantially lower than 'centres' because it is assumed that they offer better service :roll:

    The child is still taking up a 'space' in my program and ratio and well I prefer to have a full time child and get full time fees than to have to drag my self and the rest of my crew back and forth to the school in all sorts of weather in order to collect the school age children all for the privilege of earning less money ... yup sign me up

    Unless you have to make that 'trek' anyway to get your own kids weigh doing this carefully cause lots of providers 'start' and than 1 month into winter regret it! Also if there is a demand for this service in your area than make sure you charge a FAIR wage to yourself considering the amount of PITA factor this service requires so that when it is -40 and storming outside and you are having to dress up your other daycare children and trek to the school you are not making that walk thinking 'crap why I am doing all this for a measly $15 a day it hardly seems worth it'
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    I charge $20/day, and that's max 2 hours (an hour in the morn, and an hour in the afternoon). If they would like either one or the other, I charge $15 (and that's for the hour).

    If they're here in the morning, I don't serve breaky or a snack. If they're here in the afternoon, I give them a snack if their lunch bag is empty (otherwise they have to finish what's in their lunch).

    Remember, you have to charge them a little more as you're having to get the rest of the kiddos ready for outside (especially during the winter). That takes the time and effort that parents don't realize.

    Oh, and I don't usually take them for full days (ie PD Days, summers, etc), as I don't have the spaces. But if I did, I would charge between $40-45/day.
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    I'm charginf $15 for just after school and $25 for before and after.

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    same as little dragon ...... but i never do more then one at a time ...and i would like to cut it out entirely truth be told .....

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