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    I apologize for bumping this very old thread...but...but I have some tips for future parents about children's gifts.
    My Emmy (one year old) loves:
    - his mega blocks - he can put two together now and is so pleased with himself. (there is a good peekaboo set https://giftedkiddie.com/best-toys-a...ear-old-girls/ and also ones with stuff to touch.
    - he adores books. good quality hard ones so he can read them by himself. they sit on a low shelf and he helps himself to them during the day. he likes ones with good hard flaps
    - he loves his block walker cart. he takes it around the garden and collects leaves and stones in it as well as playing with the blocks.
    - any musical instrument. he has a wooden xylophone, a little wooden drum, a tamborine, maracas etc. he plays with them multiple times a day. they live in a cupboard he can access and he is always getting them out. he thinks it is great if we all play together. need to be decent quality as he whacks them very hard to get the effect he want. i got mine from a place called timberific (on line)
    - he adores his own little pull out couch. sits on it with his teddies to watch the wiggles. gets might possessive of it if we try to sit on it. he also just plays with it to climb on and over and under.
    - anything he can put things into or sort out with he likes too.
    - and it may be a boy thing but he likes stuff with wheels he can drive around.

    other than that he loves carboard boxes, tuppaware containers, bubbles, water, balloons, all the cushions in the house placed in one big pile for him to clamber over and under and thru.
    On Youtube, there are a lot of interesting videos on children's toys and gifts. I will leave one of them here, I hope someone will help in the future. Good luck, Parents!
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