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    Triple or quad stroller

    Hi. I am looking to buy a quad or triple stroller, but i am having trouble finding reviews for them online. Can anyone recommend a stroller that is good for use in the snow or the rain? And can be bought online? Thanks.

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    I honestly love my Runabout stroller. I bought it online (http://www.bergdesign.net/runabout.htm) and it has just been fantastic. I also have the weather shield canopy. My version can seat 4-8 kids, but you can get triple, quad or quint versions as well. They have very large wheels and can cut through snow very easily. It is a bit of an investment, but honestly, it was the absolute best purchase I have ever made for my dayhome and will keep us on our walks through the entire winter!! They are also quite good value in resale and you can find them on kijiji pretty often depending on your city.

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    I also have a runabout but mine is a six seater ( I have also had two quads). I love it!

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    I bought a Runabout used from a fellow forum member and it is the best stroller I have ever had! I do daily school runs and have never had a problem with snow or rain. Even when full (4kids) my DD can push it.

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    i own a Runabout Quad as well, got it very recently.

    and I can take off the 4th seat to make it triple when one of my toddler decides he want to walk.

    Roger Berg takes pride in his design, lifetime warranty for his frame. Nothing beats that.

    I bought directly from him from Aloha Oregon.
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