I opened my home for daycare in June. I also have 4 kids of my own ranging from teenaged to 3 yrs old. I have been a stay at home mom since my first was born. I am having a problem getting my husband to accept that I am working really really hard all day long with my 3 daycare kids. I guess the stress comes from me not feeling like I should have to do everything now that I am working too. I work longer hours than my hubby, but am still expected to cook dinner, do laundry, do baths, tidy up, do shopping, deal with all banking, get my own young ones ready and in to bed, etc etc., while he sits on the couch evenings and weekends. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
I am so mad. I guess I just need a place to vent...so thank you, but was wondering if others have gone through this and how you get through it. I am also so resentful because he takes week long vacations with the guys and leaves me to do everything.