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Thread: Is this true?

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    Is this true?

    Is it true that one can NOT operate a home daycare in their home if they are renting?

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    I don't see why not. Just make sure you let your insurance company know so you can add daycare insurance. I have never been asked if I own my home or if renting. I would say renting or owning is your business only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommydaycare View Post
    Is it true that one can NOT operate a home daycare in their home if they are renting?
    There is no 'yes or no' answer for this ~ it will depend on the area you live in and the bylaws for that area and the rules of the dwelling you are renting? You would have to do the research yourself and ensure you are 'legal' before moving forward.

    I had a friend who OWNED her home but it was in a condo dwelling ~ she had opened a home childcare business not realizing that it was against the condo boards regulations for any owner to operate a home based business in the condo corporation and they found out and made her close ~ she had to sell her condo and move and restart her business .... so even OWNING your own home does not mean you can necessarily just open up a business in it

    Some people who 'rent' to you are not going to want the extra traffic of a 'business' in their rental property .... if the 'utilities' are included in the rent it means an additional cost to the landlord specially for a home childcare, the wear and tear on grass in any fenced area, the parking lot traffic and so forth ... it is also a liability to THEM because they own the property if someone falls or is injured on that 'property' they too can be held liable!
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    Ok thanks. I had been told by a neighbor a few years ago that I couldn't because we were renting and I dismissed it but then I was doing research earlier this afternoon and read something along the same lines.

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    mommydaycare, I'm a renter and have been running my home daycare for almost 5 years now. However, my superintenddents found out after I had been doing this for a couple of years and he said that I should have gotten permission, oops! Do you rent from a huge company or an independent? Maybe you should get permission first.

    I went online to our city bilaws and found out that you can only use 25% of a rental residence for your home business. Wherever you are, do some research, don't rely on us!

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