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    Terminating after trial period - how to do it?

    Though I didn't set up an official trial period, at the end of 3 weeks it seems like we do not have a "good fit." How do I actually terminate (letter vs. in-person)?

    If in letter, do you have some basic example to share?

    If in person, do you do it at dropoff/pickup, Monday/Friday, etc...? What to say?

    I don't know if there's any point giving a 'warning' since I think it's just not a good fit rather than resolvable specific issues, but don't want to have it come out of the blue.


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    apples and bananas
    It can depend on the reason sometimes.

    I would certainly issue a letter and have a verbal discussion. I always make sure I have a cheque in hand before I terminate. So, if they pay at pick up I would take the money then have the conversation, give the letter and let them know if they have any questions you are happy to discuss over phone.

    Do you policies cover a termination period? ARe you obligated to carry on for 2 weeks?

    If you are discussing issues or progress daily then it shouldn't be out of the blue for them.

    Can you elaborate on the issues your having? And what brought you to this desicion?

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    Apples and Bananas, My policies do not cover a termination period (I asked for 2 weeks from parents and said I reserved the right to terminate (immediately) if behaviour/safety, etc... was an issue. I don't mind giving 2 weeks or more.

    It's just a combinations of a lot of factors. There are lots of little things I could work on, but I think there are major differences of personalities between DCK and my own children and they seem to be suffering which I always said I wouldn't let happen since #1 I am home with them and need this to enhance their lives, not be a detriment.

    It's been a hard decision that I still second-guess daily, but I told myself I'd give it a full week this week and see if there's any improvment, enough silver linings, but today (only Tuesday!) I just had the feeling that this isn't a good fit, so I don't want to prolong things and have them get too settled.

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    I'm posting the termination clause of my contract in full in case there is anything in there that can help you at all. Good luck DCMom.

    Termination of Agreement/Contract__________

    Two weeks verbal and written notice by the home childcare provider or parent is required to terminate this agreement. Payment by the parent/guardian is due for the notice period regardless of whether or not the child is brought to daycare.

    Failure by the home childcare provider to enforce one or more terms of the contract does not waive the right to enforce any other terms of the contract. I reserve the right to enforce or waive any term at my discretion after considering the family situation involved.

    The following are grounds for immediate termination and deposit may be forfeited and become the property of Susan Sutton of Cozy Home Daycare:
     Failure to pay tuition fees on time or failure to pay late fees
     Dishonesty or abusive language by parent or child
     Excessive aggressive behaviour by parent or child
     Failure to follow policies
     Failure to provide requested information, signed contract or medical form

    If termination occurs for any of the above reasons no monies paid will be refundable.

    There will be a one month probation period for newly accepted families and if the contract is terminated by either party within the first month payment is only required for the days for which childcare was provided.

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