My name is Meagan and I run a non-profit organization (the Gloucester Recreation Development Organization). With a love of children and staying active, we offer recreational sports programming for children ages 4-14 in 7 communities! We have a few daycare providers who send all of their kids to our programs to help break up their day, and a couple more caregivers who send some kids to our programs while they themselves sit nearby and chat with friends while minding their kids who are too young for our programs. Our programs are fun, accessible, and a great way to get kids socializing, trying a sport, and burning off some energy! Each program is 1 hour per week for 7-8 weeks.

During the school year, we run the following programs after school: basketball, indoor soccer, gym games, dance, teeball, softball, and volleyball. During the summer we run soccer and swimming lessons during the day. The cost of each 7-8 week program is only $10 per child - most of the time the fee is paid by children's parents. In some cases, the caregivers pay...totally your choice! You are NOT responsible for the supervision of the children during the time that they are in our program, but you are more than welcome to stay if you wish.

The communities we work in are: Orleans, Blackburn Hamlet, Blossom Park, Pineview, Beacon Hill, Cyrville, and Carson Grove. Our programs run out of schools, fields, and pools in each area.

If you live in one of these areas and would like more information about us, our programs, or how to get your kids in them - feel free to write me here, or at: meagan.sheridan@grdo .ca. We also have a website that you can check out for additional information.

We hope to hear from you!