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    I think I've shared this before, but it is worth mentioning again. I started advertising in July to open in September, and was full within 2 weeks. I thought it was because of my kick-butt ad on kijii...hahaha. I found out later that a local daycare provider DID see my ad, thought I sounded like someone she was philosophically similar to, and asked if she could refer her overflow to me. Of course, I said yes... found out later every single one of my five families came from her on her recommendation, and she hadn't even met me yet. We just corresponded by email and she thought I was a lot like her. We since went out for dinner, and guess what? She's like a younger version of me. So, my advice is to meet well-established providers in your area who are similar to you in style and beliefs. If they send you the people on their waiting list with their recommendation, being new won't seem like a disadvantage.

    I am a grandmother, and the families who came were clearly wanting that kind of person, so that was also good. They appreciated the fact that I raised three children, and that I am an empty nester who isn't up during the night with my own children anymore. It's all about finding a good match. Just my 2 cents' worth... it was eye-opening for sure!

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    I agree with the other posters, give it time. Yes, it's stressful, but it can take time to fill up.

    I have been open for almost 4 months, and I have 4 kids now (but 3 are part-time). There are SO MANY people doing home childcare. I've noticed even over the last couple of months, there have been way more ads on kijiji from people offering daycare services. There's a lot of competition.

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    To Treeholm most of all: Yes!!! I'm also a Grandma and always full and have wonderful word of mouth recommendations from current and past clients and am giving potential clients away all the time. I really think my experience as a Mom/Grandma/Scout/Guider has given me the edge. Also, I'm in a great location, downtown in my city which catches all the downtown workers no matter where they live in the city. I'm hearing from other caregivers in the outskirts of the city that they can't fill their spaces and it seems slow but I have 2-3 requests per week. Too weird!

    I didn't learn my lessons from books but rather from experience so to all of you who are struggling to fill spaces, be confident in your abilities and you WILL find the great families. You don't have to put on any special fancy airs that you have education in the childcare field. Just show them that you have a program that involves play, learning, inside & outside playtime, quality field trips. You will be great!

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    I had one of my d/c dads ask me yesterday if he could refer me to one of his clients. I gave a composed "yes, of course" answer when I really wanted to jump on him and kiss him. It is soooo slow out there. I haven't had a call since August and luckily that one filled a f/t space for me otherwise no inquiries.

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    LOL "I really wanted to jump on him and kiss him"

    Pure awesomness!!

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