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    Thanks everyone!
    I have a interview today.. I know mom will want references I wish I could call the child's current provider for a reference. Mom is looking for new care as her current provider is pregnant and closing down for 6 months starting November 15.

    The boy was at school today with Nonna who gave me the stink eye.. Whatever.

    I am just going to chalk this up to live and learn.. and I never once thought of the dynamics of a child only cared for by grandparents.. It was a eye opener. It did not help this boy is the only grandchild for his Nonna either or at least the only one she sees.
    I really appreciate all the love, support and the fact NO one was ever negative towards me. You are all amazing professional women!

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    Just to add a bit - coming from someone who has grown up 'raised' by an italian daycare provider, and has had many italian friends.....because nonna's 1st grandchild is also a BOY makes him able to walk on water in her (and the family's) eyes. So no matter what you'd do if it's not what the child wanted then you are evil.

    Don't be hard on yourself...they're nutzo!
    Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Kids Back!!

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    All the injuries they are describing are normal things that happen to kids everyday. He very well could have scratched himself kicking and screaming and having hissy fits. There is absolutely no proof of abuse from what you describe and any good lawyer would advise the parents not to persue it. They sound like parents who don't want to take responsibility for their childs ridiculous and unacceptable behavior. I have learned from doing home daycare that many parents can't parent their child and need a scapegoat which is daycare more often than not. They are threatening you and trying to intimidate you- Don't let them!

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