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    Question File Folder Games - Do you use them??

    So...file folder games. I have made one where you match the upper case letters to lower case letters and the children do seem to like it whenever I bring it out.

    Today I decided to order a couple from amazon.ca - one set of 10 for learning letters and another one that is for counting.

    Do you use file folder games? Did you make them or buy them? Which ones seem to be the best? Do your DCK enjoy them?

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    I use them with my own kids and they love them. I have a few from scholars choice (premade) but they're so easy to make on your own that i tend to do that. www.homeschoolerconfessions.com is where I got lots of ideas. Good luck!

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    I have some that I have made. Tons of ideas out there and next to nil in cost to do it. I tend to make them on bristolboard rather than a file folder since laminated the folder doens't stay as flat as would be nice. I just tape a zip bag to the board for the pieces. I am more likely to do the game as figures on the feltboard or the pocket chart so that there is more activity for the child to do and they can vary the game meaning the pieces are in a different order each time so it seems like a new game. You can use a small feltboard and still have it set out the same as a file folder and it is more toddler friendly.

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    What exactly are 'File Folder Games?' I don't quit get them???

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    Interesting topic! Speaking of organization, Destiny 2 has a unique file system for gear. Let's delve into Destiny 2 tactics.

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