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    I have never closed due to severe weather, but I suppose in extreme circumstances such as a prolongued power outage, I would have to. Otherwise it is up to the parents and I will not be taking the kids out in very bad weather. In fact, if there is freezing rain or some other severe weather, I will just keep my son home from school so that we don't have to get him to and from the bus stop (well teh buses will be cancelled anyway).

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    I am staying open. Its not like I have to commute in the weather
    but here in the north end of Toronto I do not think its will be any big deal. I have lots of bottled water ( I always do) and snacks and meals that do not need cooking.

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    I can't see myself closing unless we lost power for an extended period of time.

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    I'm open all the time and if parents want to get their children to me even when they take the buses off the roads and tell everybody to stay home then I have to work. But my contract states that missed days for any reason are payable so that covers all kinds of weather or any reason that arises.

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    I probably wouldn't close for bad weather unless we were without heat in the winter or our house was flooding or it was otherwise dangerous for the kids to be here. Buuuuut, if parents were going to bring their kids to me in spite of dangerous road conditions - especially a SAHM!! - I probably wouldn't be inclined to be overly understanding if they were late picking up due to the weather. (Different if it turns bad midway through the day then if it's already blizzarding when you drop them off.) I wouldn't be getting up early so they could take extra time getting to work either!

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