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    A Positive Parent Story.

    Yesterday was my daycare Halloween Party. One of the Dads showed up with his kids and a gigantic box. Inside the box were plastic pumpkin buckets for every single kid at the party filled with all sorts of non-candy items (crayons, glow sticks, rubber animals), plus a nice Halloween card with a picture from his son. It was such a nice start to the day and so wonderful to have a contribution to my party. All of my daycare parents currently are so awesome, but acts like these really encourage me to keep motivated. Just wanted to post that there are still really awesome parents out there that "get it" and like what we're doing with the kids. I certainly appreciate it!

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    Oh yes I have a fam that I really love...She almost always brings fresh fruit and veggies for the kids..like on a weekly basis...

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    Wow ladybug, what a fun considerate family.

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    AWSOME !! One of my families baked sugarless cookies for the entire group !

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    Wow, that's awesome! Two of my families brought in loot bags and I had a loot bag prepared for the children too so they did alright here too. I like it that some families will remember a gift on different occasions, Valentine's Day, Easter, every once in a while somebody thinks to pitch in and share with all the other families and it warms my heart.

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    Those are my favorite kinds of people in general, but to have them as a daycare family is such a blessing. Feel the same way as you, when you have those parents who care so much..it just adds to the care you have for the kids and the daycare and makes you want to work even harder everyday and enjoy it while you work hard. Acknowledgement goes a LOOOOOONG way in a job like this. So Glad you got yours! have a great weekend!

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    Wow that is so nice! I have never had a family that nice...

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    Oh I love hearing the stories about people doing good it truly does make our days go better and brighter when our clients participate in the program by support special occasions or by sharing gratitude either verbally or doing something kind!

    One of the things I have truly loved about the transition to home based program ~ it is rare for me to get a client who does not read the calendar and send their child prepared for special occasions in some way and well they are way more 'hands on' for providing supports to things we are exploring and so forth ... clients who's employers are about to toss out something that we might be able to use for creative art or who are out and about and see something at Goodwill that might be cool in our dramatic play and so forth .... just really makes one feel 'validated' that they are paying attention and thinking of you when out and about!
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    Now that is amazing!!!

    (It's something I would have done as a parent) lol It's go great to have others think of everyone in the group!
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    Wow! That is great! You are lucky to have such a thoughtful parent as a client I just had a really great text message from a parent as well that just made my day...it was a simple thank you to me and have a great day sort of message...but so very nice to recieve on a Friday afternoon. It really is these little things that can make the day ever so better

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