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    12-18-month-olds - the good, bad, and ugly

    What do you like best and find the most challenging about 12-18-month-olds? I currently have 2.5-5.5-year-olds and am considering what it would be like to add younger children to the mix.

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    I have 2 that fall within that age group currently and both have very different personalities which in itself present unique challenges/bests. One is quiet, yet very mobile but very clingy (still transitioning) & the other from day 1 has been independant, always happy but struggles with mobility and feeding issues.
    In general the bests are: The younger you get them the longer you have them (they get used to your routine)
    For me the challenges with the 12-18 month age group are that they: Are not communicating yet, limited (if not walking yet) in terms of outdoor play, tend to put everything in their mouths, and a big one if you are looking at preventing long term injury to yourself is the sheer time you spend carrying (stairs)/pushing/pulling them when they are not quite mobile fully.
    Children are great imitators.
    So give them something great to imitate.


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    I have 2 in that category one is 12 months not walking but feeds himself, very happy to go outside and just crawl around hates to be restrained in any way so no strollers or wagons just wants to crawl and goes up and down stairs by himself so I don't have to carry him thankfully as he is 30 lbs, the other one is 18 months, walking, a few words , eats be herself, up and down stairs no problem, those are the pros...... The cons ..... Both need total help getting ready for outside and although I'm working on the 18 month old to help clean up right now it's mostly hand over hand while she's screaming no. They don't share. I like to bring them in at one cause you dont have to undo another providers ways and hopefully they are with you longer .

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    I love that age group and I currently have 5 of them that are 22 months and under with the youngest at 12 months. They are great! They are all walking with the exception of 1 who is just starting to walk and I only have 2 who can't feed themselves things like yogurt. They can eat everything else themselves. They are all well behaved and very independent and get along great together. The days are busy for sure but they also go buy fast and this stage is very short I find. They are all usually talking and very independent by 18 months...at least in my group...aside from my 1 preemie guy who has delays and my 22 month old who I feel is delayed in a couple things.

    All in all, it really depends on what you want for your daycare.
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    Currently I have 4 children 2.5 years and younger and one 4 year old who is able to run to the bathroom on her own and she loves the babies. That means 4 in diapers and nobody is toilet training yet, but there's going to be a lineup very shortly when I'm helping to train them all in the bathroom but I've been there done that before. Otherwise, I love the younger age group and having them grow and learn together.

    I also get families to nudge their child to fit into our naptime before starting and children of that age should already be eating table food on their own so you aren't feeding them which saves a lot of time and stress at mealtimes.

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    My favorite age by far. They are learning something new every day, and they need you yet have independance. My fave for sure, take this one, you won't regret it. Unless he/she is spoiled!!! then prepare yourself for a little battle to start, but they are so moldable at this age. ENJOY!

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