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    apples and bananas

    Christmas extended hours

    This year I am offering evening drop in care for last minute Christmas shopping and Holiday parties. (on select Fri/Sat nights and Sunday afternoons)

    If you offered this service, what would you charge per hour?

    And ... Do you offer overnight care (for select children) on New Years eve? If so, what is your rate?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    I have done a couple of New Years Eve overnights. I tend to put the feelers out to the parents early as I typically want majority of kids to attend. I'm not going to do it if say only 1 child comes. I give them dinner and we do a craft and watch either a Xmas movie or a short Xmas themed show before bed. It depends on the age of the children and their bedtimes too. The parents have to pick up by 10am the following day so they have time to sleep in and get some asprin in them before they collect

    I think the rate depends on your area. When I was in Burlington I charged $80 per child and I had 4 of them. In Niagara region 2 years ago I had 3 kids and charged $60 per child. The service is totally worth more in my opinion based on being cared for by an adult not some teenager babysitter, also by the regular and familiar daycare provider who will offer some activities rather than just plonk them in front of the tv for the entire evening. Also the luxury of not having to rush home to relieve a babysitter and then get them home. Unfortunatly, a lot of people, IME, don't see the benefits associated with the cost and will still pay a regular babysitter so this is why I dont charge more.

    As for extended hours or weekends so the parents can do Xmas shopping, as a parent I know this is a great service, but in the same breath, I have my own Xmas shopping to be doing, my work week is long enough already working 6:30am-5:30pm M-F. Do I really want to make my week longer during a period which is also busy for me? And the amount of money they are going to pay me really doesnt make it worthwhile doing, unless I was short on money at that time inwhich case I would consider it.

    I do quite a bit of weekend and over night babysitting for siblings I look after and she pays my a LOT of money, so maybe thats where it comes from. I have done an over night and been paid nearly $200 and thats on a normal day rather than New Years Eve which should be charged at a higher rate IMO

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    apples and bananas
    I was thinking around the $60 mark. I'm home on new years anyways, my kids all sleep in front of the TV in hopes they make it to midnight so the bedrooms upstairs are all clear and usable. It's more an "extra money since I'm not doing anything else" kinda thing.

    And the extra nights I don't mind because I'm completely empty the week of Christmas... no by choice. I was planning to stay open, but no one needs me! What a great mix of families I have.

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    I know some providers offer this and more power to them. Rates seem to be all over the place. Personally there is not enough money in the world for me to have kids here when I am off.

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    Starting to feel at home...
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    I agree mustbenuts I work long hours through the week and I unless REALLY needed the extra cash I'm DONE!! And even then it would have to be alot of cash.
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    apples and bananas
    I completely agree with you ladies! I am the first one to not charge a late fee because lates are not ok. It's not worth any amount of money for me to be open late.

    However, My mix right now is 2 FT and 2 PT on mat leave. They have a set rate they pay me per week to hold the spot and they can bring them for 2 days for that rate... often I get them more then the 2 days and it's even better.
    My day's also run 8 - 4:30 most days... some days earlier... so for this year I can handle the extra hours.

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    What a great idea! I am not sure if I would have the energy for it, but it sounds like a great way to make some extra money. I suppose it would not be so much work it it was not all of the children and the parents were okay with watching a movie or something

    Thanks for the idea!

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    Starting to feel at home...
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    I'm considering doing New Years Eve overnight care this year, have just started to put some feelers out there. I was thinking of charging $60/night.

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    I did this when I was a young ECE and $$$ was more important to me than family time ... I charged $8 an hour for normal night and $150 for New Years Eve and that was 20 years ago ...mind I worked at a University daycare and clients seeking service were dual income professionals who could afford to invest in an adult babysitter specially who knew they child.

    One of my peers got $500 for a 1 overnight weekend so drop of Sat am and pick up Sunday after dinner from one of them!!! Sweet money back in 90s
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    apples and bananas
    Wow... that's good money. I was thinking $8 an hour as well.

    I totally appreciate the family time aspect of it. However, I have a great schedule right now and my other half works late on Friday's during Christmas season so I would prefer to make the money if at all possible. I also have great kids! And I'd love to entertain any of them.

    Trust me... this is not something I'd do on a regular basis. LOL

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