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Thread: What do I do?

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    I agree, that and the fact the the boys I had had no respect for me or the other kids, it wasn't worth it to keep them around. Like you said, we want to enjoy this job...not dread it! that may be a good choice. good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GymMom View Post
    Thank you for the responses so far! They've given me a lot to consider. I am really leaning towards letting them go, not necessarily because I CAN'T handle them but really because I Don't want to. I really want to enjoy doing this and constantly dealing with that kind of behavior is not enjoyable and really takes away from the other kids in my care.
    Absolutely the right answer! We decided to stay home to enjoy our selves and not be bound by other peoples rules. I believe our job is not to raise these kids, but to guide them and work with the parents to bring out the best in them.

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    Brothers are a whole different ball game. Ive had school aged brothers twice before and its just a matter of them learning that rules were different here. Not sure how old these boys are but in any case, chances are they fight at home, rough house that sort of thing and its not dealt with. How you handle it will depend on their age but consistency and a firm explanation of the rules and consequences for not following the rules. I think you need to give it more time but definately ask mom how they get along at home.
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    I had 2 boys start this week - brothers. Only had them 2 days so far, but WOW! Nonstop screaming, fighting, grabbing, temper tantrums. I hated every minute they were here and am dreading having them back tomorrow. Would you give it more time, or tell the parents to start looking somewhere else? I have a 1 month trial period written into my contract and the mom doesn't start work until the end of the month as far as I know - just bringing them p/t to get them adjusted. Am I giving up too soon?? This is not how I want to spend my days and I don't need the money that bad. Not to mention, I don't want to lose my current kids because of these newbies. What would you do??

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