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    Red face 5 Ways to turn your day around

    See even the 'professionals' give parents the same advice we give ourselves when we are having a bad day .... just thought I would share with a big ole storm rolling in again and the rain coming to keep us stuck inside at least in my neck of the woods maybe some of you are lucky to still have sunshine


    ďYou donít strike me as someone who yells.Ē

    A friend and I were talking recently about her battle to keep from becoming easily frustrated by her childrenís behaviour. She was upset that so many of their interactions seemed to escalate into a battleground with raised voices all around. Her comment surprised me but to a degree it is true. I donít really yell very much but I do have what Dad 101 calls my Ďteacherí voice, which to be honest isnít any better. It is louder, firmer and clearly says Ďenough is enough, we are not talking about this anymore.í And when Immy doesnít want to hear it, the response is pretty much the same as if I had been yelling.

    I think we all have those days when it feels like you are being sucked into a spiral of negativity. You are tired, the kids are whingey, the baby is unsettled, in our house even the cat seems cranky! Those days that make you feel like you are not effectively meeting anybodyís needs. It is on those days that I most often find my tone becoming louder and my responses curter as my frustration levels rise and my temper frays.

    These moments are real moments for your family. And if they are happening more often than you would like them to then I believe there are ways to improve the mood and to re-frame the negative, frustrated tone that you cannot only hear in your own voice but also clearly echoed in the voices (or actions) of your children.

    To change the tone of your day, it might just be time to down tools (after all, is the laundry really going anywhere) andÖ

    Head Outdoors
    Play chasey or hide and seek. Kick a ball or hunt for bugs. Or just lie back on the grass and look for animals hiding in the clouds. The fresh air will do you all good and a bit of physical activity will hopefully refresh you as well. And when you really donít feel like it, is probably when you need it most.

    Just Add Water
    Whether it be a warm bubble bath, a run under the sprinklers or a paddle at the beach, I find adding water has the capacity to relieve stress and re-centre everyone, plus itís fun.

    Make a Childhood Memory
    Try seizing the moment with a spontaneous excursion Ė visit a new-to-you park or playground, a walk to the shop to buy an ice cream or to share a milkshake. Enjoy a picnic breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Slow Down
    If your disconnect is due to extreme busyness try slowing down to get back on track. Switch off all electronic devices and read a book together, complete a jigsaw puzzle, play a board game or put on a puppet show.

    Bring Them in Close
    A tickle, a bear hug, a back massage. Or make it a game by taking turns to draw on each otherís backs. Or snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn and a favourite movie when you really need time to refresh and re-boot.

    We are all in different seasons when it comes to our parenting journey but we all have days when the trail feels steep and the mountaintop a long way off in the distance. Taking a step off the path wonít put you off course for long, and you might just find that you head back into the wilderness with renewed energy and a bit of perspective, hopefully having changed the tone of your day for the whole family.
    Children construct their own intelligence. The adult must provide activities and context, but most of all must be able to listen. Children need proof that adults believe in them. Their three great desires are to be listened to, to understand, and to demonstrate that they are exactly what we expect."
    Loris Malaguzzi

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    The last paragraph really hit home for me...... I have 5 children the oldest is 21 and the youngest is 3. I have two older sisters who have all adult children and I an envious of them as they are able to zip off here and there for weekends or jet across the ocean for a relaxing tropical getaway in the dead of winter while I'm changing diapers and singing ring around the rosy. I have to count my blessings as I have a brand new beautiful house ( and the giant mortgage that comes along with it) healthy children, a week long vacation at a cottage every summer, and the means to provide for our children in ways that many parents can't. I just have to keep my eye on the prize ..... My long awaited trip to somewhere tropical with my sisters next fall when my youngest goes to full day kindergarten.

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    Sage advice... I'm an empty nester who would give anything to have those days back... well, opening a daycare was a great start because I love having my house filled with the sounds of busy, happy children. But each stage of parenting had me wishing for a different stage sometimes. I think that is normal. People tell me that I'm incredibly patient with the children and ask me how I do that. I answer that it is simply the understanding that the tough stages really do zoom by, and we need to stop and smell the roses... something I do much better as a grandma than I did as a Mom. If only I knew then what I know now LOL... isn't that always the way.

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