Okay, I need a little help from those of you who speak fluent French! I speak an intermediate level and my husband is francophone and my kids go to French school (but my little guy is in Maternelle so can't help me much yet and my husband is not from Canada, so sometimes doesn't know either in teh context of Canadian French). I have a 2 year old who speaks only French in my daycare and we do okay most of the time...he understands my French and I understand his. But, I often tell the kids to "just pretend"...for example when they ar eplaying with play food or playdough...I don't want them to actually put it in their mouths. How would I say "pretend" in French? I asked his mom, but she didn't come up with much of use...he obviously doesn't already know the word as she has never used it with him. I might just use the English and he will catch on, but would like to know what my fellow Francophone caregivers use! Thanks!