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    Opening a private day home

    I was thinking about opening a private day home with a friend, now I have been reading about how many children you are able to look after in calgary and it's 6 not incuding my own, but my question is what if there are two child care providers in the home?

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    Not sure about Calgary rules ~ here in Ontario it does not matter how many adults you have on the premise a private home daycare can only have 5 daycare children plus the 'providers' own which from my research the intent in that case meaning the person whose residence it is and who is actually providing the care does not have to count there own ~ if you hirer someone ESLE to come in and watch the children in your absence than your own children would count for THAT person ... it gets complicated and stupid and typically they 'frown' on you having the two person model as a result because it gets too easy to blur lines and for people to go over ratio and so forth.

    I know a couple years ago there was talk of a 'two provider' pilot program here in Ontario ~ but not sure what happened with it cause last I heard there were way too many challenges came up around keeping within ratios and rules around vacations, sick days and so forth of the provider.
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    It's that way here in Alberta too. You could have 10 adults in the house...you are still ONLY ALLOWED 6 children. The numbers are per household NOT per adult
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