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    Considering purchasing a daycare

    This is my first post here so I'm hoping someone can help me! I'm considering purchasing an already existing daycare in the Montreal area. It's in a great location and I do have someone that wants to partner up with me but we've only know to run a home daycare so this is really a new venture for us.

    Does anyone have any experience opening or running a newly opened daycare? The capacity is up to 56 kids so I'm trying to find ideas on how to get us up and running and somewhat profitable sometime soon

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    Hello, I know this was posted a very long time ago.. I was wondering, though, if you went through with purchasing the daycare? If so I could really use some advice


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    I have met three professionals buying daycares in the Quebec side.
    1. Ended up working with no pay for at least three years to stablish her reputation (the daycare she bought had low enrollment) the only way to get her money was becoming herself an Ece (so she was teaching and administrating).

    2.another one that even involving her whole family to make it work didn't get as much money as she was when she had her homedaycare (working on her own), problems with families, finding good teachers, she ended up working for more hours etc. Her biggest challenge was that public daycares runned by their city had every advantage and materials and offered better benefit packages to workers, she ended up closing aND lost her investment (after all No one would buy a business with not profitable income) she left and decided to cross borders and work as a teacher in the USA.

    3. Professional with masters in administration with all the tools to succeed on her own (also she had to become ece), still run in her daycare centre 150 kids. But, she doesn't have practically life. Christmas, any holidays she is in the centre doing it all with the hope of eventually turning the red mark income into blue and sell it, six years now. (She got too crryed away, did large investments, sold her real state investments to make the daycare work but, still at a loss.) She figure oUT that many families from quebec will enroll get their check going snd then leave without notice. An due to the daycare regulations in Quebec two more daycares open on her street, huge competition.

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