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    Children getting to you?

    Does anyone here who has a child in their care who some days just really gets to them?

    Today I have this three year old boy who is going out of his way to make me crazy!! You name it he is doing it...

    -Not listening when he normally does
    -Saying he is hungry, and then not eating the food I offer only to say he is hungry immediately after (not to worry ladies this came to a stop after the first time I offered snack, which was with the group)
    -Throwing rocks out of the sand box.... my personal favorite
    -Kicking his nap mat at rest time instead of sleeping

    Ahhh, normally this type of behavior does not get to me but today it is.

    Any good stories or some helpful advice?

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    ahhhhh....yes! It`s been getting worse and worse and today I was about to lose it. He`s making me hate my name. I can't tell you how many times he says it in 10 minutes. He's 4 years old and is SOOOOOOOOOO needy lately. He always was, but now it's just out of this world! I had to tell him that he has to stop today. I couldn't take it anymore. He doesn't misbehave, per say....just a lot of tattletaling, so I told him little problem we solve with little people and BIG problems need big people. I've told him that about 50 times since yesterday. Otherwise, it's X said no.....Y won't answer me.....why are you in the bathroom (again, he's 4!). Can I build a block tower? To which I say "YES, please"....followed by, nah I don't want to, I'll just watch what you're doing.

    If I'm in the room, he's all over me...it's like there are no kids here. If I leave the room, he needs me urgently every 30 seconds.

    ahhhh...that helped. I've been wanting to post all day, but I decided to keep my vent to myself...until I saw youre thread! Sure felt good to get it off my chest!

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    How about a child who has been here over 3 months and still screams every time I set foot out of the room and turns it off when I walk back in the room and so on all day. I'm so very tired of it.
    Frederick Douglass
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