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    S/o of sun hats: sunscreen

    do you provide sunscreen?

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    I provide sunscreen as I'm allergic to the perfumes, and get rashes to many of them. I state in my manual that I provide Children's Ombrelle. If parents have a problem with it, they can contact me and we can try to work something out.

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    I let each parent provide what they want.

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    In my handbook it says that parents must provide sunscreen, bug spray etc IF they want a particular brand or type used. Otherwise, they get what I have on hand! I am not loyal to any specific kind, just whatever is on sale at the drug/grocery store when I buy it, haha.

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    No I do not supply it, way too expensive for 6 kids all spring and summer! I have parents send some, label it and let them know when I need more.

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    No, each parent brings their own. Next year I will ask for $ from each family and buy a big bottle for everyone . I too am allergic to perfume and I hate the greasy sprays.

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    Nope, each parent provides a big bottle at the beginning of the season and I work through all of them one at a time. Typically, this lasts me the entire summer, and is agreeable to my daycare families. If they had a specific brand that they wanted used then I would do that, but I've never had anyone have a problem with this system. I have my own sunscreen for my own kids because I've obviously got more than just 1 child of my own to slather. LOL.
    ~ Mama to 4, Dayhome provider ~

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    I have started to provide stuff with a fee. Ex: $10 per summer per kid for sunscreen and sun hat provision. Then I only need to cart around a single bottle of sunscreen, and i don't have to worry about sunhats being forgotten at home.

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